Salon Policies

We want to provide the best possible service for you, and therefore we have implemented salon policies that will help us serve you the best.

  1. Service Price Policy – An accurate service price can only be made in salon by our senior stylist during hair consultation.
  2. Hair Service Deposit Policy – We may ask you for a deposit (partial or full price of estimated quote) on services that include hair extensions or hair services more than 2 hours long or when 3 or more no shows/late cancellations (last then 24 hours prior to service) were made in the past. Deposit is non refundable on client approval.
  3. Confirmation SMS/Email policy- We might send you a reminder SMS or email (48 hours prior to you appointment). We reserve the right to cancel the appointment that was not confirmed (by SMS or email).
  4. Cancellation Policy – We reserve our appointment time special for you. Changes to your appointment or cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to actual appointment time to avoid cancellation fee (up to 15% of total service price).
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